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Worst Online Dating Experience Ever – The Self-Sabotage

Murphy’s first law of love is that all the good ones are taken. Murphy’s second law of love is that if someone isn’t taken, there’s a reason. In 2010, I met a cute, single, normal girl online. She was very cute and we hit it off unusually well. I should’ve known it was too good [...]

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The Furry Fetish Checkmate

And now for a short lesson in pranks… 42 people like this post. Like Unlike share this

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Can’t You See He Loves You?

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Dane Cook’s First Time

Well it’s been a long weekend for me, which means a bland weekend for you guys since I didn’t post anything. You’ll be happy to know I was away for the weekend having some fun times with friends… fun times is of course code for crazy times that may find their way into new Man [...]

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Kevin Smith’s Man Story

You know the funny thing about Man Stories is that almost everyone has at least one. Some are funnier than others, I’ll grant you that, but then again sometimes it just has to do with how good of a story teller you are. Kevin Smith is one of my all time favorite writer/director’s. He’s the [...]

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Her Side vs. His Side

So I was clearing out some old files and I came across this rather hilarious little story from years ago. I did not write it, and frankly I don’t know who did, or where it came from really (if anyone knows, let me know and I’ll put up a link to it). Anyway, some of [...]

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While I Was Away

About 2 years ago I had a rather interesting experience while I was away on vacation. Or rather, something rather interesting happened while I was away, and I only realized it when I got back. I considered writing this up as a story, but somehow it just suited itself so much better to a short [...]

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