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One nice thing about winter is vacationing somewhere hot in the Caribbean. One year, we all go to a resort in Cuba. Both friends and friends of friends come along. But there’s this one friend of a friend I’ll never forget: Kimmy. She’s a big girl. And when I say big, I mean big. And [...]

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Birthday Bash

A friend of mine hooked up with this girl he had a crush on for over a year. She was a really nice girl, but also a really stupid girl, and we all told him he could do better. He didn’t listen. After hooking up with her, he invites her to his birthday party, which [...]

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End with a Bang

One night we were all trading bad break up stories and my friend Darren gave us this little nugget. He had been dating this girl for a few months now, and although the sex was great the relationship was floundering. Darren had his suspicions that things would end soon, however, he never could have anticipated [...]

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The Scare

My friend Zoey once got driving lessons from her boyfriend. Since that single lesson, he has doggedly refused to give her any more help. The reason for his refusal has to do with how the lessons ended. One night they find an empty parking lot in which to practice. Zoey’s boyfriend trades places with her, [...]

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The Legendary Breakdown

One year a bunch of us went up to a cabin. Craig brings his new girlfriend, which we all meet, and who seems very nice. We’re all hanging out in the evening and it’s not very late when suddenly Craig and his girl retire for the night to “sleep”. Of course, we all know what [...]

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Losing the Girl

Just because a girl leaves the bar with you, doesn’t mean you’re getting any. There are all kinds of ways you lose the girl, as my friend Lee found out one night. Lee has picked up a cute and clearly inebriated red head from a local pub. Not that Lee is all that sober himself, [...]

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True Love

A buddy of mine got really drunk at a party once. I think I only see him drink a single mixed drink the entire night. After that he is drinking pure shots, and eventually right out of a bottle of triple sec. He ends up losing his shirt, his pants, and his sunglasses, and passes [...]

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Cold Job

A buddy of mine was dating a girl who got sick a few days before his birthday. The frustrating part was that they had both built up his birthday night as a night they were going to have crazy sex. They even booked a hotel room. When she got sick, he was going to cancel [...]

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Blame it on the Dog

One of my female friends, Chrissy, can fart. And I don’t just mean she can fart, I mean she can fart! A while back she starts dating this guy that she really likes—Kevin. She doesn’t quite know how to bring up her little situation but luckily, Kevin has a dog. As most of her farts [...]

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Friends with Drawbacks

My friend Anna was once involved in a “friends with benefits” relationship with this random guy. As it went on, she found herself less and less interested in hanging out with him. But like all fuck-buddy situations, she kept going back to him for one reason: sex. After a while however, even that interest started [...]

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